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We meet with and poll women nationwide to fully understand the issues they care about most, including healthcare, equal pay, education, childcare, and access to capital. Then we use the data collected to brief elected officials and impact national policy.

MAY 13, 2020
Women2Women Survey Results

Women2Women Survey - May 13th, 2020

OCTOBER 17, 2019
New Orleans, LA Surveys

New Orleans Survey and New Orleans Mentimeter Surveys

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019
Greensboro, NC Surveys

Little Rock Survey and Little Rock Mentimeter Surveys

AUGUST 22, 2019
Chicago, IL Surveys

Chicago Survey and Chicago Mentimeter Surveys

MAY 17, 2020
COVID-19 Survey (Women2Women Special Survey)

Women2Women asked women across the country their concerns and thoughts on COVID-19

OCTOBER 11, 2019
Little Rock, AR Surveys

Little Rock Survey and Little Rock Mentimeter Surveys

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019
Columbia, SC Surveys

Columbia Survey and Columbia Mentimeter Surveys

AUGUST 22, 2019
Austin, TX Surveys

Austin Survey and Austin Mentimeter Surveys

NOVEMBER 1, 2019
Women2Women Master Survey Results

The collective results of Women2Women’s 2019 Tour Season

SEPTEMBER 27, 2019
Kansas City, MO Surveys

Kansas City Survey and Kansas City Mentimeter Surveys

SEPTEMBER 11, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA Surveys

Pittsburgh Survey and Pittsburgh Mentimeter Surveys

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