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When women are silent, the nation suffers.


Women make up 54% of the population, but our voice remains unheard… Because we aren’t voting.


of eligible women aren’t registered to vote at all1


didn’t vote in the last midterm of 2018


of eligible women didn’t vote in a Presidential Election

4 out of 5

do not vote in primary elections2           

  1.  Rutegers, Center for American Women and Politics, 2020

  2. Pewresearch, 2018

Women, we have to Vote Twice.


The Vote Twice Project is dedicated to encouraging women to vote twice - in primary elections and general elections.


Women are responsible for making society run day in and day out. We are doing the work. We should be the ones deciding who is on the ballot. It is our job to decide who makes policy because we are the ones most affected.


Founder and President, Sarah Chamberlain, is working to change the statistics–to activate, educate, and engage women voters across the country. 


Stay off the sidelines. Have a say. 


You have two votes. Make them count.

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