If women ran Washington, things would be different.



If women ran Washington,

things would be different.

Join the million womaN challenge

You can help make Washington more responsive to the needs of women and families by adding your name to the Million Woman Challenge.


We unify women and amplify our voices in washington

Women comprise 55% of the voting public, and have more in common with each other than with either political party. When women unite, we cannot be ignored.



Some legislators are misinformed about the issues women care about or the extent to which women from both parties agree. W2W exists to set the record straight. Legislation that W2W has supported or is supporting includes all of the below.

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2019
The WAGE Equity Act
The Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act
Smithsonian Women’s History Museum Act
The Expansion of the Pell Grant Eligibility Window


The INSPIRE Women Act
The Paycheck Fairness Act
The Survivors’ Bill of Rights
Protecting Access to Lifesaving Screenings Act (PALS) of 2019
Breast Cancer Patient Equity
Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act



Want to change Washington? Then vote in your Congressional primaries. In primaries, each party nominates the candidate who will represent it in the general election. Lately, most voters have been sitting out the primaries, resulting in the nomination of increasingly extreme candidates on each side. 

For legislation impacting women to pass, Congress has to work across party lines. Since women are the voting majority in most districts, we can make it happen. It all starts in the primaries!